the latest happenings of me

the latest happenings of me:
i am enjoying little rock arkansas and living life to ist fullest potential and growning everyday in more ways then 1. I have been attending CA (Cocaine Anonymous) meetings in the immediate area. I have recently celebrated ( 9 years clean*Praise God) . It feels good to be in meetings again.
i have also been working on my financial situtation and i have recently discovered that my credit wasn’t as off as i thought it was… I mean i definitely would check my credit report to see what i am dealing with here versus having fear of having some not so nic notes attached to one’s personal business.
I have also made arrangements to clear up my student loan- i was so surprised at how easy and how little i had to pay in order to get the default off my credit.
Well this past wednesday i started training as an Escort for patients *by taking or picking the veteran [ in a wheel chair]* at North little rock CBOC . i am so excited.
i have signed up for at least 2 courses at Cathderal of St Andrews here in little rock, ar whee i attend Mass .
I have decide to look for work again and i it all to you all especially the staff of all the agencies i have encounter since starting this journey * you have motivated me to return to the friendship and the blessing of being able to help someone else like before and even better.
Thanks so much

To: All African Agencies yeah the one’s actually in Africa

From: Stephanie Rowena Stewart
P o box 88
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0088
Message phone 501-664-5036
Cell : 213-840-9786
Email :

To: All African Agencies yeah the one’s actually in Africa

Subject: Looking fore Sponsor work from United States to your location in Africa

Dear African Brothers & Sisters,

I am very interested in working fore your organization in a management position. I am anxious to help and learn your (my historical ) culture. I believe we can learn from each other. I will need some sponsorship I believe with a Visa. That‘s kindda funny ist usually the other way around.

I am a United States Catholic Black Female Veteran with 10 years in United State Marine Corps. Whole in the military I worked 1st in the training audiovisual field and then reenlisted twice and change my MOS to Supply Administration. I have to let you know that I have had a struggle with drug addiction and I have been in recovery for 9 years now. After my final discharge from the Military I worked in the Special Education (developmental disabled* I consider them to be my babies) field at schools and residential treatment facilities. I have experience homelessness from the all round experience. I have also worked with veterans – question do you have an emergency housing facility for your military veterans in your country. I would be glad to help with that and I know the perfect gentleman who can also assist Mr Irvin G Goodwin ( CEO & Founder of Veterans Housing Facility in San Jose, CA .

Well back to me, I am opened to working in any needed capacity that you may need. I do have a bit of a higher education: I have an Associates of Arts Degree from Merced College located in California which I received in 1998. I did go on to continue my education at CSU, Stanislaus located in Turlock, Ca however I didn’t graduate but I earned another year and half of education. And I am at present working on attending Liberty University online ( via computer) starting in Spring of 2018. When I come to your country which is supposed to be my historical Mother country I knot only am interested in working but I would also love to attend your higher education institutions.

I looked forward to meeting you and working with you please feel free to contact me anythyme.

A friend in need ist a friend in deed


Stephanie Rowena


Sunday 13 August 2017 little rock, Arkansas @St. Francis house

I would like to take this thyme to check in with everybody no matter what level our relationship is at or on at this present thyme. I hope all ist well and I just want you to know that I am doing fine. This journey that I have been on since the eviction from my Santa Clara, CA HUDVASH apartment of 6 years last year in Aug 2016 has truly been a blessing in more ways than 1.
To be honest we [my daughter and I] needed to move out of there and God saw fit to moves us. Amen.
You know at 54 years old there are events that happen in our lives that are repetitive so when things start happening later in life that happened earlier we are already prepared fore them. But this thyme is/was different.
It seems as though God had a special purpose or learning phase fore me to go through. And he still blesses me everyday. I have had the fortunate chance to travel to new areas that I have only dreamed of. Got to go out door camping fore a bit wit out the camping equipment. I learned exactly what it was like to live in the streets and face the danger while all the while being protected by my higher power. I have been able to write again and I have been reading more and I definitely have been able to take care of my medical needs through the local VA Hospitals and clinics. Also outside of the VA medical services too.
I am braver than I thought fore a woman. Instead of doing what is expected I enhanced my expectations but I made sure I was safe . Well as safe as I could be. I have gone through a lot of mental changes and have attended a lot of groups once again via the VA Hospitals and clinic which now includes the veteran’s day program here in little rock, Arkansas. And also on location at veteran’s housing facilities and shelters.
I have had the fortunate pleasure of meeting new people some of whom i take to right away and others knot so well [you know me]. I have had the chance to fulfill life time dreams and expectations from God that I knew he would fulfill. And ist such a blessing to be able to say I told you so.
At first I was sort of In shock about the things I was going through but I have learned from each and every event and day that I have been on this journey. I would also like to state that while going through these interesting events I have maintained my sobriety which I am so grateful fore. As I stated earlier when i first attended meetings I felt as though I had nothing to share . I would be so scared that someone would call on me I would leave the meetings after the guess speaker would finish but now I have so much more confidence. Ist true what doesn’t kill us make’s us stronger.
Another situation I was scared of was the ltrs or calls from the department of veterans affairs. My feelings would be so hurt at the thought of rejection or hearing a representative say something that would make me fell of less value. I have been receiving non service connected for quite some thyme now and I felt as though I didn’t count because I wasn’t service connected and one day I mentioned that in an interpersonal skills group at the VA temple street in los Angeles ,ca and the doctor who ran the group corrected me. She said “I did count”. I felt only those who were a 100% service connected where of value. But I had to realize that the government was and has been taking care of me so I count.
As I realized that I know longer had the responsibility of taking care of my children because both young ladies are of legal age now. I myself felt lost. As a woman and mother what do I do now. I still wanted to be there fore my children in anyway possible but they both insist on being independent and I am so proud of both of them.
It had been a while before I was able to purchase things fore anybody in my family due to my budget. But I have been able to do that and it feels grate. I was also able to treat other people to holiday cards and treats and that too felt wonderful.
Prior to leaving my old apartment I had start to do research based on my personal interests and work experience. After the military discharge in 1991 I started working as a substitute paraprofessional in the special education department. And I had decided to become a special education teacher and I started college at Merced college and obtained an Associate of Arts degree in liberal studies and then went on to CSU, Stanislaus were I gain another year and a half worth of credits. Also I work as a substitute teacher fore a year and a half also when I wasn’t attending university But things started going down hill fore me and I didn’t graduate. Which meant I had to return to the other side of the classroom as a paraprofessional once again. Losing my work and my goal of becoming a special education teacher was devastating fore me . No one knew how devastating this was fore me because I kept it lockup inside. But when I would go to a workforce and goodwill for job search classes they would always say you should work at a school due to all your experience but I couldn’t handle the fact that I didn’t accomplish my goal.
This was about the same thyme my family and I became homeless once again . As a mother all I could think about was finding a place to stay fore me and my children I never realized how much of an effect that this homeless situation bouncing from shelter to shelter had on my children until my daughter told me. I didn’t know what to say to her…and I still don’t . I learned that just because u think one way doesn’t mean that others involved feel the same way.
I would like to add that I have been fighting a personal battle which i kept to myself of being downgraded negatively fore years and it seemed as though I myself had a personal journey added on to my every day steps of daily living. I have been fighting with an enemy who has been attacking me and muffling me and making me feel less than and constantly belittling me every step of the way fore years…but things have been getting besser with God’s help I have been able to break the chains of bondage and present my true self to others and we found out that Stephanie Rowena isn’t a bad person. Like my enemy would have you to believe…
So fore my future I am being me to the utmost and I am loving it .i am now in little rock, Arkansas and I am doing new things and meeting new people and discovering new stores to window shop until I get the funds to purchase the items I see while window shopping but what ‘s even more meaningful is that my spirituality has increased so much. I have finally been able to pray and when I wake up I sing gospel songs or even while I am in between activities I sing gospel songs. This makes me so happy you must discover the blessed feeling one has when you are able to worship like you want.
The enemy was so bad that they had people believing that I was a non believer and that I was living a life of sin fore my whole entire life. i was raised in the church and have always been ready to stand up to others and say I love Jesus and I give my life for my faith. And that I was doing drugs and having wild sex when i wasn’t . I am knot going to say that I haven’t done drugs I am an addict in recovery and have been fore 9 years now. Praise God ! and should be given the benefit of the doubt versus the automatic condemnation.
By the way I just wanted to know that I am not unintelligent either. I may knot know everything but I do know that education and just reading is important to me . Which I kan say that I finally can do, that ist reading. I developed this ability while attending college. And through my research my reading has increased. My philosophy ist that if u don’t know about it and you want to know about it find out satisfy your curiosity . Follow your dreams that’s what I am doing and I am much happier fore it. I am also making sure that I share with others the new and old things i have learned and without criticizing or making less of what others care about. I believe if you want to make a point and make a change the method in which in deliver the newness is very important. Let me add ist knot about winning the argument nor making sure your point of view is the choice but sharing and recognizing that other factors maybe involved concerning your view and should be validated and implemented .
Where was I went outside fore a smoke break anyway I have been blessed to see so many beautiful things and I have a grate appreciation fore them when I do. I love the library and have been blessed to take different types of software classes fore free and I utilize the reference section. I love reference books they are so informative. That is what types of books I like to read. Books that have a wide range of information. I am knot to much of a fiction reader even though one day I hope to read some sci fi books the more interesting topics the besser ( no ist knot spelled wrong ist spelled in German, just like ist). I entered the VA art contest this past year I wrote a piece called ‘the Billets”. And I have planned to enter the contest every year. I have already started buy art supplies from hobby lobby. By the way they have some beautiful Christmas ornaments . that reminds me when you like something and then you hear a negative word about what you like so what that doesn’t mean you can’t like/support what you like or love. Amen.
I would just like to mention something that really gets me upset and will cause you to loose my friendship or any type of relationship with me that is unwanted affection just because you think you have the right to interject your stupidity into someone’s life. Well, I am here to tell you, you don’t. what you need to do ist get help fore yourself! Amen. Who in the tarnation do you think your are imposing your bullshit on others because you can. You have no right to come in between a relationship fore what ever reason.
I want to mention something again to those of you with a higher power . Your higher power doesn’t want to sea you suffer nor be taking advantage of because you have faith and are a faithful servant. Don’t let the enemy twist your sources of reference and guidance to their advantage to excuse their boundary cruxing to disrespect you and your belief. Your faith is to make you happy and you should always strive fore happiness. Nor should you allow some one to run you over because you are a believer.
There are so many things I would like to do most involve travel and work and education. I would like to travel overseas to a few specific places like Uganda and the U. K. there are so many people with disabilities and I would to be able to work with them plus I would love to attend university while I am there. I am working on returning to my pursuit of a higher education online of course which will allow me to travel.
I am also interested in working in Washington, D C in the political arena especially with public policy and law making . So that I may learn how to submit legislation for much needed changes for veterans, homeless and people with disabilities. I don’t want to depend on some one else to make effective change but I want to do it myself that way I know it will get done.
Speaking of making changes when is the last thyme when you had the opportunity to help some one you did. It is such a grate feeling when you do. When I was growing up I the 60s & 70s we use to help all the thyme. We should start back.
Oh yeah I want to talk to you about going on retreats and different conferences being held in the community and most are fore free or maybe u can qualify fore financial assistance. While I am plugging financial assistance are you aware 1) college has no age limit and 2) you can get financial assistance to cover the cost of attendance? I sea a lot of you just seating on the porch with knoth much to do why knot enter college you don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA to attend your local university or community college. 3) did you also know that here are grants available for a number of reasons such as housing or utility bills.
As I mentioned earlier about the retreats I would also like to tell you about the sports clinics that are available for you to participate in. Either as a qualified participant or a volunteer. I am going to do it! Why don’t you try it also?
Went to a CA [cocaine anonymous meeting] the subject was resentment so while others talk I wrote about 4+ pages .